What is the main message from Jarrett in his presentation to students?

Passion – “What motivates you; What drives you?”

Anti-bullying – “We’re more similar than we are different.”

Respect – “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Community Involvement – “Let’s leave the world a better place than where we found it.”

Take advantage of opportunities when presented.  No regrets. #BeGreat

What grade level does the program target?

PROJECT: NO BULL is geared towards targeting middle school students. On special request, Jarrett also speaks at elementary and high schools as his schedule permits.

How many presentations will Jarrett do at each engagement?  What does he need?

Jarrett's optical impact is when the entire student body is present, if the school schedule permits. If the school does not have accommodations for an all-school assembly, we can work to accommodate on a case-by-case basis as schedules permit.

Jarrett does not need a podium. His delivery is a speaking only engagement and he will simply need a microphone. A lapel mic is often times better if it can be accommodated.

How long is each presentation?

Each school visit lasts about an hour with Jarrett speaking interactively with students up to 40 minutes and then a question and answer dialogue. If the school allows, an additional 10-15 minutes can be allocated for pictures and autographs. Some schools choose to take a group picture, depending on the size of attendees.

Typically younger student presentations are less time.

Due to scheduling for the 2019-2020 school year, Jarrett will only be speaking at schools on Tuesdays and in the morning hours, typically scheduling for a start time at 10 A.M.

How much does it cost for Jarrett to visit our school?

We request and are grateful for a donation to JPF of a minimum of $400. This is subject to change at any time, but will  be communicated to a school prior to scheduling.